Friday, February 19, 2010

alasan kali ini........

howdy to all,

it's been an ages juga i tidak blogging due REASON of my condition, bizies ever, travelling, visiting my sayang serta kesulitan yg tidak dpt di elakkan... huhu, welkam back drew!

so let makin' some noise topic kali ini berkait with beberapa alasan dan just a mind rambling of wut happen to me recently :

bottom line, excuses dpt menyelesaikan byk masalah, tapi masalah tetap ada krn adanya i right??

anyway, let us not confuse an excuse for a reason. an excuse is a ploy to divert attention from ourselves & the reason. for example, my excuse for failing the maritime test wuz bcoz the teacher didn't explain well enough, & I didn't even know there wuz going to be a test, LOL. but the reason I failed the test wuz bcoz I wuz not prepared, not paying attention & did not seek additional assistance.

unfortunate but true, excuses seem to hv bcome a pastime. we create excuses for everything. with excuses we do not have to be accountable. with excuses we do not have to be responsible. with excuses we can hide. that is true right?
i wonder wut would happen if excuses were no longer acceptable?

individually, we could become better people. our intelligence could increase & our actions would be deliberate & thoughtful. we could evolve.

if we stop making excuses, we will be forced to accept the reality of our failures. we will have no choice but to allow the world to see our shortcomings. i do not believe we are prepared for that.

it is through fear that we make excuses. our society has become "experts in training" when it comes to the excuse making process. we will even, as a collective whole, make excuses for our behaviors, policies & actions, or lack thereof for that matter. as a society, we could concentrate on our failures. we can ensure the basic needs of a human being are available. we can learn to expand our understanding of other cultures & regions.

as human beings, we could meet the needs of our environment, rather than making our environment meet our needs. however, we are bound by excuses. one leading to the next whenever there is question, if the excuse is not good enough we search for a better one. we are addicted to excuses. we find ourselves making them when it is not even necessary. when there is absolutely no purpose for it, we will continue to make excuses.

well, we need excuses. we need them to make sense of the senseless, find sanity in the insane & a resemblance of order in chaos. Our excuses are the walls of stone that we construct. they are our silent shields, our perfect protection.

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