Tuesday, December 29, 2009

pemikiran logical dan critical

"dik, lagi 3hari jak mau new year.."
"ermmm, so?? mau divert juga kah?"
"tak lah, ckp jak. ko udah jadi sakai mngapa.."
"ermmm, bukan lah...tadi ibu juga kata bgini pd aku..i guess, u osso want to saiko me again.."
"LOL, u're wrong dik!"
"then what?"
"hutang ko pd aku bila mau bayar, ya udah masuk 2thn ni..."
"argggh ko mmg sia..."

as life goes by so fast sometimes i just needed a while to think & i had a thot. it was a very depressing, complex thot. i had just finished discussing bout company operation plan with my mgr (yg bagaikan handal tu) & i was very tired but satisfied wit my performance & ideas that been threw out. i then thot: who am i, wat am i doing here? wat is here? i was konfius & suddenly saddened. i thot to myself, all that practicing & wat's the point of getting better. there shudn't be anything right now. there shuld be no such thing as coordinator much less a language or people as we call ourselves to even pronounce the word. i sat there looking at everything in a very complex way, analyzing everything from my hand to the internet. it then seemed like for a moment i had lost all my memory & in my mind i had a mere blank. then as i regained my sanity i began to look at the reality of this moment. slowly i walked to the window standing there & saw none stop pelbagai kenderaan down the street. i thot about my rock climbing practice & how i hv a homework assignment due tomorrow. i realized that if i go thru life thinking like i had been wat the point of it all was. sememangnya tuhan sudah men'destiny' kan takdir kita to live for in life & look forward too. perlu bersyukur sampai ke hari ini masih bernafas dan menikmakti atas segala pemberianNYA. this is purpose i was in here iaitu bekerja makan gaji sbg coordinator alaf baru yg mcm bagus, LOL.. then i thot if i'm going to live this life why not do it to the fullest & practice rock climbing just for the purpose of living life to the best of my abilities (grrrrr). God wants all of us to be the best we can be. wat if everybody thot like i had for a moment & saw no reason to even attempt to be the best they cud be. how cud we live without those ambitious groups of people who turn out to be governors, presidents, & leaders? if everybody thot like that there wud be no ministers to lead us in the path god wants us all to take. we just can't afford to live like that. so just remember these the next time u get depressed about life, u are here on earth for a reason & God is on ur side & whatever u do has a divine purpose/nawaitu to fulfill ur destiny. ceeewaaah!

i'd try to self motivation, regardless of wat life delivers, we find that life runs a lot smoother. the blessings in our life are countless and priceless. we are truly grateful for what we have in life, & seek to please others. to bring others the blessings that we receive in life. we find that our lives are already abundantly beautiful just the way it is. we accept this moment, even in the most difficult times, to continue on in life, & to make life the best that we can make it. and we find that our lives are fulfilled in every way.

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